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Cambridge Curriculum Program
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Cambridge Curriculum Program

6y - 17y

Cambridge Curriculum Program

EFI Academy - International School in Nha Trang offers a Cambridge Educational Program for grade 1 to grade 12.

When it comes to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world, EFI Academy stands out from the rest. One of the key factors behind our academy's excellence is our choice to implement the prestigious Cambridge Curriculum.              

What is the Cambridge Curriculum?             

The Cambridge Curriculum, developed by the University of Cambridge, is a comprehensive and internationally recognized educational framework. It offers a broad range of subjects and promotes an inquiry-based approach to learning. This curriculum is designed to develop student's knowledge, skills and understanding. Preparing them for success in higher education and beyond.              

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Cambridge Program in EFI Academy

How does EFI Academy apply this curriculum in our program?             

About the structure and format, we are implementing the Cambridge International Curriculum from grades 1 to grades 12. The Cambridge pathway as it's known, there's four stages. Which from Cambridge Primary (5 to 10 years old), through Cambridge Lower Secondary (11 to 13 years old), into Cambridge Upper Secondary (14 to 15 years old) and finally Cambridge Advanced (16 to 17 years old).             

Students in Upper Secondary usually sit for either the IGCSE or O Level examinations. Both IGCSE and O Level are assessed through oral tests, coursework and practical assessments. The most popular pre-university route for those who complete the IGCSE or O Level is the Cambridge International A Level.              

EFI Academy will adapt this curriculum to suit the needs of the student's context. In each of these four stages, there will be checkpoints and final exams throughout the year that will be marked by teachers - the people who know the students the best.              

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Clear Cambridge Pathway from Grade 1 to Grade 12      

The Cambridge Curriculum is also flexible. Each stage can be offered on its own by a school. Students can choose to transition to another curriculum after a certain stage. This flexibility also means students can begin their studies in one country and complete them in another. Schools have the option to adapt the Cambridge Curriculum's academic content to suit their students' local needs and context. However, the syllabus aims and assessment objectives are standardised worldwide.              

What subjects are included in our Cambridge program?             

Core Subjects for a Strong Foundation              

The core subjects from the foundation of the Cambridge Curriculum, ensuring that students develop essential skills and knowledge in key areas. These core subjects typically include English, Mathematics and Science. Students can also dabble in newly added subjects - Art, Computer, Music and Physical Education.              

Languages for Effective Communication             

In an increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in languages is highly valuable. The Cambridge Program offers a wide range of language subjects. EFI teaches the entire program in English, as a first language. French will be included in the teaching content from grade 6 to grade 12.              

Humanities and Social Sciences             

The Cambridge Curriculum recognizes the importance of understanding human societies, history and cultural diversity. As such, it offers a variety of humanities and social sciences subjects.              

EFI has introduced Social Studies right from the first-grade program. The “Global Perspective” subject begins to be taught in grade 2. These subjects enable students to explore the complexities of human civilization. Which develops critical thinking skills, and gains a broader perspective of the world and its interconnectedness.           

Sciences and Technology             

In response to the growing importance of scientific advancements and technological innovation, the Cambridge Curriculum offers a range of science and technology subjects. In EFI's Cambridge programme, this area includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer. These subjects equip students with scientific inquiry skills, promote analytical thinking, and foster an understanding of principles that underpin scientific and technological advancements.              

Creative and Extra Activities             

The Cambridge Curriculum acknowledges the importance of creative expression and the development of artistic skills. It offers subjects such as Art and Music.              

Each Friday, EFI will organize a special class called “Extra Activities” such as Yoga, Painting, Cooking, Sports, and Fun Indoor/Outdoor Activities. These activities will be held alternately based on the schedule of each class.              

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